A team can be formed with as few as 4 riders or more than 20.   A team with 12 to 16 riders is an average size team while many only have 6 or 8 riders.  There has recently been competitions featuring Quad teams (four riders) and with a bit of imagination some very entertaining choreography is possible for this small sized team
 A team can use any kind of theme or riding discipline (western or english) however you most usually see western teams riding at rodeo and western saddle club events.  The male counterpart to Ladies Mounted Drill Team is the Men's Posse frequently seen in parades.  Recently there has been great interest in coed drill teams, something that was almost never seen in years past.

You need not be an expert.  Novice and advanced riders alike can enjoy the many benefits of the drill team experience.  Some of these are:


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